Oakmere Home Advisors

Oakmere are known for an enduring commitment to building the most wonderful of homes across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Homes you want to wake up in each and every morning.


When buying a new home we know that location is one of the most important considerations in your decision. Oakmere seeks out prime locations for new developments with access to good schools, local amenities and transport networks so you know your home will not only be easy to sell in the future, but it will be right for you and your family.

January 2017
text: Oakmere Home Group Companies: The Oaks at Longtown Home Quality Review
One of the ongoing developments of Oakmere advisors is aptly called The Oaks at Longtown and provides a selection of one or t...
December 2016
text: Oakmere Home Group of Companies Review: Striving for quality
Oakemere Homes receives a lot of positive reviews from their clients, from the compelling modern architectural design of thei...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: Developed with Competence
Buying a home is a huge investment. If you’re planning on buying a home that fits your lifestyle and budget then Oakmere Home...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: Building Strong Relationships
A home can be many things to a person. It is where your heart is, it has witnessed all your ups and downs. The home and its e...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: Decades of Providing Good and Quality Homes
In the real estate industry, Oakmere Homes is one of the leading companies recognized in building new homes in Cumbria, Lanca...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: Ideal Home for Everyone
Having been in the business for more than three decades, Oakmere Homes has earned a reputation for their quality built homes ...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: Your first choice for a new home
Oakmere Homes offers award-winning homes with a good location to a lot of people across Cumbria and Lancashire since 1981, an...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: Building the future
Your home plays a huge part in your life. It is a place that witnessed all your ups and downs as well as your hopes and dream...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Homes: 35 years of creating quality homes
Each of us needs a relaxing and beautiful home, and Oakmere Homes is the perfect team to contact if you're now ready to move ...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: Consumer Code
We care about you At Oakmere Homes we take our Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction very seriously. We wholly embrace th...
September 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: Supporting Local Communities
As a local company we have a strong belief in supporting local communities. New Homes and New Jobs We care for the local ...
August 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: Past Developments
Riverside View, Kendal A select development of just 23 houses offered a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranq...
August 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: 10 Year Warranty
Oakmere provides a 10 year warranty on all our new homes through NHBC, giving you greater peace of mind. NHBC are the UK's ...
August 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: Customer Reviews
Janette Borodin, The Oaks, Longtown "The team at Oakmere were so accommodating and so helpful in progressing the purchase o...
August 2016
text: Oakmere Home Advisors: About Us
Oakmere - Creating Quality Homes A family company standing the test of time... We believe that from finding your new home...