Oakmere Home Advisors

Oakmere are known for an enduring commitment to building the most wonderful of homes across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Homes you want to wake up in each and every morning.


When buying a new home we know that location is one of the most important considerations in your decision. Oakmere seeks out prime locations for new developments with access to good schools, local amenities and transport networks so you know your home will not only be easy to sell in the future, but it will be right for you and your family.

Oakmere Home Group Companies: The Oaks at Longtown Home Quality Review


One of the ongoing developments of Oakmere advisors is aptly called The Oaks at Longtown and provides a selection of one or two-bedroom bungalows having excellent design values and benefits for homeowners who deserve nothing less than what the best local builders can offer.


The Oaks began only a few years back; yet it has gained the reputation of a vibrant community of residents with access to commercial centres, bus lines and the M6 Motorway. The bungalow units provide economic advantages to owners and are well-planned with respect to ease of movement, personal safety and overall security.


To make every homeowner achieve mobility and maximum space use, each property includes a private block-paved driveway into the main door. It also includes a front and rear garden, a necessary feature for most families who desire a green space to serve as buffer between other units as well as against ambient noise and other distractions, such as pollution or glare at night. With a lush garden growing eventually, the sense of privacy and comfort will even increase.


Every property has a dedicated block-paved drive and easy-to-manage front and rear garden, while inside the careful detailing and exquisite design includes a smart-fitted kitchen and fashionably-laid-out bathroom. Living in an Oakmere home advisors affords you not just comfort but a sense of self-accomplishment.


Oakmere Homes envisioned The Oaks to offer a perfect balance of town and country living, as it sits along the River Esk crossing and beside the quaint Scottish borders tourist lanes from Carlisle to Edinburgh.


Longtown is the perfect setting for The Oaks, with its surrounding countryside and farmlands and local shops, schools and amenities which serve an amiable community. Its wide, tree-lined streets were meticulously designed by local landowners, Grahams of Netherby, who put up the Graham Arms as a coaching inn to host visitors and the mail service that plied the road to Edinburgh. The Oaks, as it is, is a welcome and natural addition to the established and well-cherished environs of Longtown.


Visit Oakmere Homes’ website to appreciate how you can become part of this growing community that has a long tradition of excellent values and shared traditions.

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Oakmere Home Group of Companies Review: Striving for quality


Oakemere Homes receives a lot of positive reviews from their clients, from the compelling modern architectural design of their houses as well as the SieMatic kitchen which gives the cook room an endearing effect. Oakmere and their representative can quickly manage everything; you won’t encounter any problems because they will make sure to fix it in advance.


If you have been searching for the right home, Oakmere Homes is the one for you. They’ve been serving satisfied clients for more than 30 years. They are dedicated to become the best in building quality homes across Cumbria and Lancanshire. Houses built by Oakmere will surely grab your heart, doubtlessly worth buying without getting scammed.


The professional team of Oakmere will offer you the right home that will satisfy all your needs. Rest assured that they will be of service from helping you in choosing your desired home and moving into one. And these are not just typical houses because they are energy efficient homes which will surely reduce your energy consumption. Some Oakemere Home advisors review in Singapore shows the client’s gratefulness in this feature as it allows them to save a lot more than just a few pennies.


Their homes contain a lot of vital features which will make you feel that the home was made specifically for your family. Aside from the SieMatic kitchen, you’ll be tucked away with their home fixtures such as a hard-wired doorbell, exterior lights, external water tap, and soft closing cupboard doors. Oakmere houses have high levels of insulation to make it more energy efficient and so you could save money on heating and cooling bills.


Once you have chosen the right home for you, Oakmere will help you purchase the home in a smooth and stress-free manner. They’ll even lend a help with your moving. They are really easy to deal with and often surpass customers’ expectations

Oakmere Homes: Developed with Competence


Buying a home is a huge investment. If you’re planning on buying a home that fits your lifestyle and budget then Oakmere Homes is definitely worth your money. The firm has been serving a lot of clients since 1981, building quality homes across Lancanshire and Cumbria.


The group of Oakmere advisors in Singapore will make it possible to get the perfect home for you. They will do their utmost to give you the best house that will suit your needs. Oakmere can easily organize everything ahead of time just to make sure that you will not experience any trouble. Their team can quickly handle minor issues and their site representative can definitely remain on top of things.


Each house built by Oakmere is very impressive without the feeling of getting scammed and every member is friendly and thoughtful. Clients are overwhelmed by the smooth process involved in the part exchange as well as the move in Oakmere Homes. Oakmere is really easy to deal with and often surpass the expectation of clients. They will certainly guide you from start to finish.


Anyone will notice on any Oakmere Homes review the buyer’s amazement on the energy efficiency of their homes together with its modern specification which helps them to reduce their bill expenses. All of their built houses shows impressive features and styles that have fine little touches in it  and their SieMatic kitchen also receives a lot of compliments from their clients. You will definitely see innovative details in their houses such as soft closing cupboards doors, hard-wired doorbell, external water tap and exterior lights. Moreover, cooling and heating expense can also be cut down because of high levels of insulation built. Lots of buyers are pleased with their homes due to the fact that most were pretty much made and have all the advantages you can imagine of in a house.


Oakmere understands that neighborhood and its surrounding environment matters, more than the house itself. This is why Oakmere looks for a location with a quality neighborhood. If you intend to spend your retirement with Oakmere Homes, don’t be afraid to call their professional team because you will certainly love to spend you golden years there.

Oakmere Home Advisors: Building Strong Relationships

A home can be many things to a person. It is where your heart is, it has witnessed all your ups and downs. The home and its environment contribute to a person’s learning and development. This is why Oakmere put so much effort in giving the right home for everybody; they want your future to be as amazing like their houses. To be able to create a personal space which will constantly remind you of your own inmost values and dreams and inspires you to realize them.


Oakmere’s team composed of friendly and enthusiastic individuals; they will treat you with respect and kindness. You will never suffer any troubles during the process with the company because their expert professionals will make sure that the whole thing is well planned and well organized. What you purchase will definitely worth spending.


As part of their quality service, the staff will constantly communicate to keep you informed about the whole process. They will certainly give their best to assess and address every client’s problem as quickly as possible. Every Oakmere Home advisor reviews shows that clients are happy and satisfied with the company’s outstanding service.


Furthermore, every buyer’s review on Oakmere advisors expresses their delightedness with the company and its team for assisting them in moving to their new home. Oakmere Homes with their exceptional treatment to their customer creates a strong client relationship.


The reviews displayed in Oakmere’s website act as thank you letters loaded with compliments to the company and its professional team. Their approach on providing assistance together with the time and patience they are giving is really impressive. Each and every client appreciates the effort and hard work of the team to provide the best home suited to their needs. The team highly considers your new home as one of you mediums in planning your future.

Oakmere Homes: Decades of Providing Good and Quality Homes


In the real estate industry, Oakmere Homes is one of the leading companies recognized in building new homes in Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire region. Living in this high-quality Oakmere homes will make you feel secure and at peace every single day.


An Oakmere Home advisors review cites that the company is excellent in finding a desirable location for their new house developments. The house location and its neighborhood is a vital factor in a buyer’s decision and this is what Oakmere Homes considers in choosing a new site for their developments. They make sure that the right locale will be marketable in the foreseeable future and will give residents a convenient access to the best local schools and amenities as well as transport systems.


Through the years, Oakmere Homes does not simply build exceptional homes but also delivers an ideal community for every homebuyer. As a privately held firm in home building, meeting and accommodating the demands of every family is a priority. They only want the best in the specification, quality and customer care.


Oakmere advisors has the network of experts: locally reliable builders and renowned project managers. With their extensive experience, they will give the best location for your home with an impressive architectural design built from the finest materials we have nowadays.


If you are interested in any of Oakmere Homes developments, visit and contact them through their official website. Current and new house infrastructure will be displayed and you might find the right home for you and your family there. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep you updated with the latest developments.


Do you have questions or concerns? Do you need advice? Call them now, Oakmere Homes staffs will gladly help you.

Oakmere Homes: Ideal Home for Everyone


Having been in the business for more than three decades, Oakmere Homes has earned a reputation for their quality built homes and impressive customer service. With an extensive experience in homebuilding, Oakmere believes that the firm must have a strong passion and dedication to provide a home that fits their client’s needs.


Many homebuyers look for a modern style house with exceptional standards. For this reason, Oakmere Homes and its professional team strive to deliver a home perfectly built and suited for their client’s needs. Several Oakmere Homes review states that the firm delivers a stress-free process and widely known for their warm and friendly approach.


Oakmere Homes is a privately owned homebuilder company established in 1981. Since then, a lot of clients were astounded in the workmanship and effort provided by the company. Some of the homebuyers have service reviews posted on the firm’s website. Oakmere Homes ensures to prioritize customers’ needs and preferences in building and creating high-quality homes for affordable prices.


Furthermore, various Oakmere Home advisors review proves that the firm’s credibility in building a livable home and community is certainly surprising. Oakmere Homes build ideal homes in a healthy and living community because they know how to put people at the heart of every new development.


A good and excellent customer service need to be at the heart of every business, Oakmere Homes and its team undeniably puts customer’s need a top priority. With such a family friendly approach, they will ensure a pleasant process from start to finish and will surely keep you updated throughout the entire transaction.


The team of Oakmere advisors will make their way to guarantee your safe relocation to your new home. Because of the modern architectural design of houses and the warm cozy feeling inside, you’ll definitely feel just like home.


Oakmere Homes: Your first choice for a new home


Oakmere Homes offers award-winning homes with a good location to a lot of people across Cumbria and Lancashire since 1981, and local home buyers consider Oakmere as their first choice for new homes.


Each Oakmere Homes review reveals that the customers are satisfied with the quality of their homes, in the selection of their locations, in the way they build, and in their commitment to their customers.


Oakmere Homes are also designed for modern living and their team ensures that every home is suited for their customers' needs and lifestyle, and will be a place people loves to come back to. Many have noticed that the company's homes are full of character and it is because their staff devotes a huge amount of time and effort in the design of their homes.


You'll notice particular things that will surely catch your eyes when you visit their homes such as downstairs WC, good natural lighting, off road parking, storage space, and excellent energy efficiency. You don't need to worry about the quality of their homes due to the fact that Oakmere employs advanced building systems and proven materials for their development. This is the reason why their homes are built to last and are comfortable to live in.


Even though Oakmere Homes is more than 30 years old, they are a family run local house building company that's still going strong and continues to build homes for local people, and provide jobs for local tradesmen and contractors. The company also offers the best specification and includes items that some national companies charge extra for.


Quality Oakmere Home advisor reviews also meets the highest national quality standards with its National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty - UK's leading warranty provider. Experiencing the benefit of the best and most dependable service is what Oakmere wants for all its customers. Even NHBC has seen the company’s strong dedication to satisfying their customers’ needs, giving them the top rating of "A1".


Purchasing your new home with Oakmere doesn’t involve an arduous process but rather a smooth and stress-free one because once you visit their developments, you will have a dedicated individual that is ready to help you in every step. Their promise doesn't stop there because it will surely continue even after you move in to guarantee your satisfaction. Encountering a problem is inevitable, but no worries because their staff can quickly resolve any issues.


Employing award-winning construction managers, along with locally trusted builders, is Oakmere's key in having a quality finish set to the highest standards with a beautiful house design, best location, and best materials.

Oakmere Homes: Building the future

Your home plays a huge part in your life. It is a place that witnessed all your ups and downs as well as your hopes and dreams. It is where you will build your future, no wonder Oakmere home development advisors works really hard to build the perfect house for you and your family. They want your future to be as beautiful and strong as their houses. With such house, you will be inspired to face every morning with a positive outlook in life.


Expect to see considerate and helpful individuals in Oakmere Homes. They always make sure that your purchase is worth it and will treat you like their close friend where you will not feel that you're just another customer. It is impossible to face any big problems with the company due to the fact their staff makes sure that everything is perfectly made.


The company also ensures that they keep in touch with their customers to provide an exceptional service. They will give their 100% in addressing and answering each of their customers' problems. You will see on any Oakmere Homes review that their customers truly appreciate their outstanding care.


It is also evident in those reviews that each of their customers is very thankful to the company for their genuine help in purchasing a house and moving into one. Oakmere Homes and their undeniable patience and consideration in their work can lead to a wonderful customer experience.


The submitted reviews of their customers are just like thank you letters that are filled with praise to the company. Oakmere Homes and their way of providing help, time and patience is really beyond compare, and their customers are actually thankful for that. All of them achieved their dream home and now lives in comfortable surroundings with the help of Oakmere staff. The team greatly considers your new home as one of your mediums in building your future.


Oakmere Homes: 35 years of creating quality homes


Each of us needs a relaxing and beautiful home, and Oakmere Homes is the perfect team to contact if you're now ready to move to that kind of home. Waking up every morning with the home suited to all your needs surely gives a satisfying feeling to each member of your family, and this is what Oakmere aims for in each of their new development. You can see on each Oakmere Homes advisor review that their customers from Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire are very satisfied with their homes and services.


Oakmere Home advisor is also famous for choosing the best locations for new developments. The company is very careful with this matter to ensure that they will comply with the customers' needs. They make sure that the location has a good access to schools, local amenities, and transport networks.


Delivering the impression of a genuine community to every area they build is evident in Oakmere Homes. People are the very core of their every new development, and this shows how their undying commitment to serve people with their services has been proven successful throughout the years. They only want the best specification, quality and customer care.


Expect to see beautiful house designs and excellent materials when dealing with this company. Their staff is also composed of trustworthy individuals, including locally trusted builders and respected construction managers. You can be confident that your home will have a quality finish based on the highest standards.


You dream home is one step closer with Oakmere Homes. Stay abreast with their current and upcoming new homes by liking their Facebook page, or following their Instagram or Twitter accounts. Frequently visiting their website can also keep you updated with their latest news and events.


Any reviews about Oakmere will tell you how great the company is in developing new homes. They are always ready to offer you a helping hand, so give them a call today.

Oakmere Home Advisors: Consumer Code


We care about you


At Oakmere Homes we take our Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction very seriously. We wholly embrace the Consumer Code for Homebuilders and are fully committed to continuing our great levels of service.


Outlined below are the details of the Code. Please follow the links to print a copy of the document or contact us to be sent a copy by one of our team.


As a result of the Barker Review of 2004 and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) Market Study into the house building industry dated October 2008, a group of stakeholders within the industry joined forces to develop a voluntary Code of Conduct for home builders to address the issues raised relating to customer service and satisfaction.


Home Builders may adopt the standards of good practice, procedures and information, as detailed in the guidance against each core requirement. Where a Home Builder decides to adopt a different approach to satisfy the core requirement, they must provide the similar level of information and achieve a comparable outcome to the same level as detailed in the guidance notes.


The Home Warranty providers have agreed to require all their registered builders to adopt and comply with the Code as a condition of their registration.


Where a Home Builder is found to be in serious breach of the Code, Home Warranty Bodies can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the relevant Home Warranty Body's register and exclusion from all registers run by other Home Warranty Bodies who participate in the Code scheme.

Oakmere Home Advisors: Supporting Local Communities


As a local company we have a strong belief in supporting local communities.


New Homes and New Jobs


We care for the local area in which we build. We design our homes for local people and we prioritise the employment of local people for the jobs we create. See Oakmere Homes careers page for job and contractor vacancies.


We also believe in much greater engagement and local support.


Community Improvement Projects


We recognise there are great people with great ideas on how to improve their local area. We are keen and willing to support projects that are local to where we are building new homes for the benefit of the community. If you have a project you would like assistance on, please register your interest to see if we can help.


Local Event Sponsorship


Do you run a local event or competition? Contact us to see if we can help you by sponsoring the event.


Charity Events


Are you running a local event in aid of a charity, national or local? We can help with sponsorship. We will of course prioritise events for local charities.


Contact us to tell us about your event and if we can help sponsor it.


School Educational Fieldtrips


We also run special fieldtrips for local schools to our development sites. It is an exciting day out for the kids where they get to see brand new homes being built and find out what's involved. Maybe it starts a career idea. We also make sure they are taught about important Health and Safety issues. If you are a teacher and would like to organise a school fieldtrip to one of our nearby developments, please let us know.

Oakmere Home Advisors: Past Developments

Riverside View, Kendal



A select development of just 23 houses offered a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of riverside living, within an easy walk of the town centre and just a few minutes from the motorway.


Advanced insulation and energy efficiency is built into the very fabric of every Oakmere development. The homes at Riverside View also benefited from a new 90% efficient combination boiler, dual flush toilets and 'A' rated kitchen appliances, making the homes sustainable for both the environment and lifestyle.


Each home boasts contemporary interiors, front and rear gardens and private parking. Oakmere Homes offer the very best of modern dwelling with more than a touch of tradition in the stone effect frontages. With one, two and three bedrooms and kitchen diners, at Riverside View there was an Oakmere Home for everyone.


The Meadows



A superb development of stylish new build homes where eye-catching features and innovative designs combine with a fabulous location, just minutes from Preston and Garstang.


The award-winning quality which is the hallmark of an Oakmere Home was evident in every one of these executive properties with Designer kitchens and high specification appliances with careful detailing creating instant appeal for young professionals and growing families.


The Meadows is within easy walking distance of village amenities, including the village playgroup and a highly praised academy school. Located conveniently for cities and the best of Lancashire’s scenic beauty, The Meadows offered the perfect location to raise a family.


The Elements



Elements is a stunning development of contemporary houses and apartments, set in the tranquil semi-rural beauty of Garstang, between Preston and Lancaster.


At Elements our buyers got the best of both worlds and naturally, an incredible specification, which included a SieMatic kitchen with Neff cooking appliances, coming as standard.


The exceptional location has proven perfect for enjoying everything Mother Nature has created in this beautiful part of the world. Yet it's also close to great schools and fabulous amenities, and within a short drive of the major towns and cities of the North West.


Borrage Hall



Borrage Hall is situated in the ancient cathedral city of Ripon, in a prime location near the River Skell.


Oakmere Homes kept the style and character of the original building in its reconstruction of nine luxury apartments and two delightful bungalows.


Set in beautiful grounds that have matured over centuries and with privacy ensured by security gates this development has provided the opportunity to live in one of the best locations that Ripon has to offer.


Each of the stylish apartments was appointed to a high standard and included two bedrooms, one with en-suite shower room.


Eccleston Park



Go through the gateway and along the imposing drive of Eccleston Park Golf Club, on the fringes of Rainhill, and there, in the heart of the course, you will find 18 luxury homes that were developed by Oakmere Homes.


Eccleston Park Golf Club was created from the home farm formerly attached to Rainhill Hospital and we sympathetically converted the beautiful brick farm buildings into highly original homes.


Like many endowed hospital buildings, only the best materials were used in the original construction. With this in mind Oakmere Homes decided to ensure that the products chosen to bring the buildings into the 21st Century were amongst the best available.

Oakmere Home Advisors: 10 Year Warranty


Oakmere provides a 10 year warranty on all our new homes through NHBC, giving you greater peace of mind.


NHBC are the UK's largest and leading new home warranty provider and have been operating for over 70 years. At Oakmere, we have the highest A1 rating with NHBC meaning they rate us as one of the most trusted and reliable developers in the UK.


What this means for you


1) Their cover protects you.


2) Their Buildmark cover also covers certain defects or damages that appear within the first 10 years, meaning you don't have to worry about potential problems that can occur in second hand homes.


3) To provide their warranty, NHBC send an expert undertake a quality control assessment at significant stages of development of every homes we build to ensure we are building to at least the necessary standards (we often build in excess), so the likelihood of defects or damages is low


4) The NHBC warranty is recognised and trusted across the Country


5) Their cover is trusted by lenders.


6) They also provide a resolution service, if you're not happy with what we have done.


7) All this is done for you at no extra cost.

Oakmere Home Advisors: Customer Reviews


Janette Borodin, The Oaks, Longtown


"The team at Oakmere were so accommodating and so helpful in progressing the purchase of the bungalow. They treated me like an individual with a very personal approach, rather than just another customer - nothing was too much trouble. I had already sold my own home and they really went the extra mile to get me moved into the bungalow"


"I love the modern bathroom and fitted kitchen, and the bungalow offers a very good standard of finish both inside and outside - it has real kerb appeal, right down to the block-paved drive. As soon as I moved in - it just felt like home"


Dave and Kate Dickinson, Riverside View, Kendal


"Thank you so much for the super contact Oakmere have provided and the wonderful plumbers who have been to solve the problem. We really do appreciate the wonderful after care"


Derek Brookfield, The Orchards, Bolton Le Sands


"Thank you so much for helping with my house purchase and move"


"It has been a lovely experience and made better by your patience and consideration"


Graham and Sophie Lumsden, The Orchards, Bolton Le Sands


"We would like to thank you for all your help, time, advise, and patience over the past few months. It feels like our lovely new home wouldn't have been possible without you"


Thomas and Jess Proctor, The Orchards, Bolton Le Sands


"We definitely wanted 3 bedrooms and a new home was our preferred choice. The modern specification in terms of energy efficiency and the 10 year NHBC guarantee should make it low maintenance"


"We were also very impressed with the detailing of the home - nice little touches in the design - and particularly the high quality of the fitted SieMatic kitchen"


"Moving in was absolutely trouble free and any minor issues we have come across since then have quickly been sorted by Oakmere and their site representative Janet, who really stays on top of things"


Helen Elliott, The Oaks, Longtown


"The Oaks development itself is lovely and so are the people there.  I surprised myself by buying a bungalow; I always thought they were for old people who had trouble getting about, but it is wonderfully practical with all the advantages of an apartment, except that you have a private garden and drive, and of course you don’t have anyone living above or below you."


"I have been very impressed with the quality of the build and the thoughtful touches, like a hard-wired doorbell, exterior lights, external water tap, soft closing cupboard doors and the general high quality of the kitchen.  But most of all I have been impressed with how easy Oakmere were to deal with on the part exchange and the move – they just made it all happen.”


Andrew and Wendy Wilkinson, The Oaks, Longtown


"The build quality is excellent with high levels of insulation to keep down heating bills, and The Oaks is in a good location for us – easy to get onto the motorway or into Carlisle for work. It is very quiet and we get on with the neighbours – so it has all worked out very well.”


David and Ingrid Young, The Oaks, Longtown


"The bungalow at The Oaks suits our needs perfectly. Because it is brand new there are no worries about maintenance or repairs; whenever you buy an older house you generally find something needs doing or replacing, whether it is electrical wiring or a new boiler, but the fact that it is brand new with a 10 year NHBC guarantee removes all that worry."


"We wanted a bungalow where we could enjoy our retirement and now we have one – perfect.”


Peter Goode, The Oaks, Longtown


"The Oaks is just a few yards away from where I used to live and I knew they were building houses but I didn't realise they also built bungalows. Oakmere bought my existing home which left me free to move into the new bungalow."


"It is brilliant having everything on one level; when I was travelling up and down the country I always used to sleep in the lorry cab so I didn't have much experience of posh hotels but that first night in the bungalow I thought ‘this is what it must be like'.”

Oakmere Home Advisors: About Us

Oakmere - Creating Quality Homes


A family company standing the test of time...


We believe that from finding your new home to moving into it, the process should be smooth, easy and enjoyable and what you should have at the end is a home to last a lifetime.


The roots of Oakmere reach back to 1981 and it remains a privately run family company, maintaining its enduring desire for creating award winning affordable new homes, perfect for the modern family.


As a local company we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and through our extensive experience have learnt not only how to build great houses, but how to add those extra special touches to create wonderful homes and a sense of community in our developments.